Rexxfield CEO Michael Roberts

Rexxfield Michael Roberts

Rexxfield Founder & CEO Michael Roberts

Rexxfield CEO Michael Roberts is a co-founder of the global boycott action against “”, the appalling website accused of extortion and shake-down practices.  In response to the boycott, Ed Magedson, the convicted criminal running the Ripoffreport scheme has launched a massive counterstrike, accusing Michael and his fellow activists of heinous crimes. More info

Michael is is a criminal and civil litigation support specialist and Licensed Private Investigator.

Career Highlights

US-MarshalsIn 2013, Michael was engaged as a civilian agent after a two-month national manhunt for a murderer had failed to locate the fugitive. Michael sucessfully located the “Dinkue Brown” in less than two-hours, leading to his arrest by U.S. Marshals shortly thereafter.

Michael coordinated digital forensics and counter-hacking training for the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army, National Guard and USMCM. Other clients include The Australian DoD, NATO and the United Nations, to name just a few.

Michael regularly consults for private and law enforcement clients, whether that be helping bullied student, celebrities, CEOs and politicians.

In 2012 Michael’s work resulted in charges being dropped against a father who had been held in jail for 12 days. It had been alleged that he sent electronic death threats to his estranged wife. Michael initiated a sting operation and was able to prove that the threats were in fact sent by the alleged victim to herself, presumably in an attempt to gain an advantage in a child custody battle.

In 2012, Michael gave Fairfax Media’s “The Age” a scoop, when he positively identified the man behind the fraudulent stock manipulation/takeover bid for David Jones Department Stores.

Michael was described by the investigative journalist as:

 … an absolute secret weapon for any serious reporter.

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